Welcome to The Mystic Tavern, an online writing community that began in Lycos Chat over thirteen years ago.

If you were there, you will remember a thriving and vividly imagined society of wizards, vampires, dragons, demons, rogues and more. You may remember some of the names that have passed into tavern legend -- Rogest Rolair, The Silver Jester, the Drychtnath clan -- and the nights when we had three user-created rooms maxed out at twenty-five users each. What was your story? Who did you write with?

Whatever your personal experience in The Mystic Tavern, if you wrote with us then you know Lycosia to be a land of magic with an incredible legacy and a wealth of talent.

If this is your first time visiting The Mystic Tavern, we welcome you to write with us. Visit the How To Play pages (to the right) for information on free-form text-based role play writing. Don't be shy; we would love to help you learn. Create your character and tell a story with us today.

And to you former players who hung up your cloaks and got lost in the real world - come walk by the lake or sit before the fireplace one more time. Meet a stranger or rendezvous with an old friend. Take a seat, have a drink, and live once more through your imagination. Return to The Mystic Tavern.


The Mystic Tavern